The latest bulletin: integrity, the market is always changing, the good faith will never change
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  • Our vision----
      The three strong, stronger, and stronger, have given back to society
    Our spirit----
      I will win the battle against the battle
    Our values----
      Smart students can be brave enough to win the prize Yan can lead an altruistic person by example
    Our view of life----
      It's a win-win situation to be a good person
    Our atmosphere----
      Corporate discipline is as strict as the army
      Corporate learning atmosphere is like school
      Employees feel like family members
    Our view of business----
      The process of strict grasping pays attention to the day and day of day
    Our view of management----
      Management is serious love, ruthless management, human beings
    Our customer view----
      The promotion of customer value is the only reason we exist
    Our customer view----
      Industry, happiness, innovation, dedication, loyalty, appreciation and gratitude




Bazhou Sanqiang Management Co., Ltd. was established in October 2014. The company is located on the west side of Langda Road in Shengfang Town, an important industrial town in the north (1 kilometer south of Shengfang Exit on Jinbao Expressway), with convenient transportation. The company covers an area of 70 acres and has advanced welding pipe units, solid-state high-frequency, cold cutting saws, as well as advanced cold bending steel units, equipped with corresponding punching and laser processing equipment, whole chain service, excellent quality, and delivery time blocks.

The company mainly produces galvanized pipes, zinc aluminum magnesium pipes, square rectangular pipes, furniture pipes, various special-shaped pipes, sports equipment pipes, high-precision internal and external scraping pipes, bicycle pipes, automotive pipes, cold-formed steel and other products. At the same time, the company h…




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  • Bazhou three mandatory tube co., LTD

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